Tuesday, April 26, 2005

"Who Is Swan Shadow" for $600, Alex?

Let's give a good luck to Swan Shadow, who made an appearance on Jeopardy!'s Ultimate Tournament of Champions recently.

WTF?! He was on Jeopardy? He was a champion? He's up against Ken Jennings? AWWWW, SNAP! Somebody on the blogroll done did good!

One of these days, when I have enough time and can scan the photos, I'll tell you about the time I was on "Wheel Of Fortune", another Merv Griffin created show. I've been wanting to tell that story for a while, but always hold off because of all the sorrid details. Needless to say, anyone who gets a chance to play on one of these things is a very lucky person. Just look for Micheal Rankins, who was a five-time champ, and total winnings where $62,098. All I ever got from W.O.F. was $2,300 in prizes. Maybe that's why I don't talk about it much these days. S.S., I hope you won big. Go get this one for the bloggers out there.

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