Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Kevin Smith:The Man, The Myth

I'm certain you know who Kevin Smith is. If not, please get a copy of "Clerks", "Mallrats", "Chasing Amy", "Dogma", "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back" or "Jersey Girl", as he's directed and written them all. The man is legend to us comic book geeks as he's one of us. He even has his own stores to sell them out of. He even has a hot wife who's been in Playboy. Kevin is the fanboy we all dream to be when we grow up.

Somehow, he doesn't think so. Which is why he now has his own blog to kinda show the guy behind the curtain who runs The Wizard. He's an ordinary guy who just lives in L.A. with his family and freinds, and goes through mostly the same things most of us have happen. Except, it's Kevin Smith and you're not.

Kevin's blog makes it's way into our Stars After Stars After Stars blogroll, becoming the first, and possibly only celebrity blog here. Some of you will say, "Well, what about Wil Weaton?" I think even Wil would tell you that's he's not a celebrity, he's a guy who gets acting gigs (and does a good job in them, mind you). Kevin's been on CNN twice in two weeks, so that makes him a celebrity. We're proud to have him here with us and hope you check him out once in awhile. How many of his posts have I read so far, by the way? 37. That was a "Clerks" reference, by the way. See, you should watch the films. You pick up great quotes...

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