Thursday, April 07, 2005

The Man Of Paper

I hate going to the hospital. Dread it. I never get any sleep the night before, my blood pressure goes up and I turn into a nervous wreck of a man. So, when I drove to day surgery yesterday, I was nothing but jitters. I had no idea what was going to happen and would I come out in one piece.

The procedure was to check on the fistula in my left arm. That's where they do the dialyis, as folks at the clinic thought I wasn't getting enough clearance from the blood pumping to and fro. They wheelled me from my room to the o.r. after hooking me up with an I.V. for knockout
drugs. As it would turn out, I wouldn't need it. After shooting my arm up with a needle filled with pain killers, the surgeon went right to work while I was still awake! It only took twenty minutes to open up a narrow passage in my vein with angioplasty techniques to gwet the job done. The funny thing is I saw the whole thing on a screen while they were doing it and only felt
the pressure of the doctor running tubes under my skin and through my arm. I was able to drive off to the clinic at least an hour after it was done. The miracles of modern science.

However, all was not good afterwards. When I got to dialysis, My pressure began to drop and I started to get ill. It took an half hour after that to feel better enough to drive home and by then, I was whipped. I couldn't even find a parking spot in front of my house as the street sweepers would be coming through and if I had left the car in their way, I'd get a ticket between 10pm and 1am. So, I changed clothes and took myself to the movies around 9:45 to see "Be Cool". I figured if I sat there for a couple of hours, including fifteeen minutes of trailers and commercials (don't get me started on that), then walzted around the Wal-Mart for a bit, I'd be fine. Which I was. Good movie, by the way.

It's now a rainy Thursday. I'm sittting here typing this while watching the showers come through. I'm glad we had the rain today instead of yesterday. I would have hated the world and everything on it. Well, as they say (whomever they are) "In life, a little rain must fall".

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