Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Sam Johnson's Luck-Sam Meets Venus Flytrap!

It was last Saturday night and I had just gotten off the air at WEAS and wanted to hear a lecture from actress Alfrie Woodard, who was in town as a part of the 2005 King-Tisdale lecture series, as sponsored by the radio station and The Beach Institue here in Savannah. Also speaking in the three day series was actor/director Tim Reid. You may know him these days from such shows as "Frank's Place", "Sister, Sister", "That 70's Show" and others. But to me, he will always be known as VENUS FLYTRAP from the classic WKRP In Cincinnati. He was one for the first African-Americans I actually noticed and paid attention to on television. It was his character that made me want to get into radio. You had to admit, the guy was smooth with a capital "S" and as cool as the other side of the pillow. As an actor and a director, Tim's done alot of work and I had to let him know. Not to slight Miss Woodard's work, but to me, Tim was the man.

When this photo was taken, I was standing in a line waitng along with other folks who wanted to take picures with Miss Woodard and Mr. Reid. The man standing in front of me had a disposible camera and asked would I take one of him. I obliged and asked when it was time, would he take one of me? I handed him my digital camera and he said yes. I took what I thought was a wonderful photo of him and his wife, posing with celebrities Here's the one he took of me and the stars. That's the back of my head. But, it is Tim, Alfrie and my fat head.

I hope they lose that other guy's photos at the drug store.Posted by Hello

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