Thursday, April 21, 2005

Sam's Own Meme

So, why haven't you talked about the new Pope?
Because I'm not Catholic.

You haven't talked about Britney Spears being pregnant, either. Why?
'Cause it ain't mine.

Did you go see Sin City? It was a comic book movie, after all.
Yes, I did. I enjoyed every over the top minute of it.

Are you enjoying the American version of "The Office"?
Highly. It's not doing good in the rating, I believe. But, the critics love it and I do as well. I hope it gets picked up for another season. That and Arrested Development are the two best comedies on the air today, I think.

How's the house hunting going?
I found at least five places today, with good feelings about three of them. I'm gonna possible move around the middle of May, which could mean posting will be light as we get closer, then look for a brief hiatus as I get settled.

Of all the sites you've gone to today, pick at least three you want folks to check out.
1. Spike has the coolest music video ever made up on Bedazzled. "These Boots Are Made For Walkin' by Nancy Sinatra. Simply classic.

2. Swan Shadow laments the fate of an original Peanuts storyboard, drawn by Charles Schultz,
worth $90,000 and ripped to shreds by a psycho and tossed in the toilet. Y'all let that had been one of my comics...

3. The guys at "If Charlie Parker..." have been stretching out a bit and adding artwork to their page, so everyonce in awhile, you'll see some Edward Hopper. Mind you, we bloggers ain't all that classy, so this is kinda a nice treat. Yo, fellas! How come ain't no dang "Nighthawks" up yet? Y'all tryin' to keep the 'Hawks down, man?

Sorry...I was channelling "Do The Right Thing" on that last one. Really, you should try to meme yourself. It's not that easy.

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