Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Up And At 'Em...

I'm awake now.

I couldn't sleep one wink last night. So, I wound up watching the films of Harold Lloyd on Turner Classic Movies. If you've never watched a silent movie before, I can tell you it's the same as watching a regular movie, except they talk, but you don't hear them. I caught a few of Lloyd's films, incluing his best, "The Freshman", made in 1926, and his first talkie, "Welcome Danger" from 1929. He was probably one of the funniest guys on celluloid and you should really take a look the next time one of his films is scheduled on television.

Anywhoos, after that little marathon, I went off to bed around four and slipped into Slumberland. I turned off the phone and did not want not be bothered one bit. Thanks to that, I got nine hours worth of sleep and didn't wake up until three p.m. . I am so ready to rock right now. I feel so much better afterwards. The bad part of it is, and if you know me well enough, there is always a bad part, I've got to go to the hospital in the morning for day surgery on the shunt they use in my arm for dialyisis to make sure they can pump the fluids from me at a better rate. Oh, well...At least I got to recharge.

Now, I was going to do this as another post, but I figure I should do this now since I have your attention. The Show Of Which We Shall Not Name did very well for a first time fundraiser. I had a personal goal of five thousand dollars, since the Medical College of Georgia would match me dollar for dollar after the first five grand, though their Access To Care program. That meant I could have had ten grand in the kitty if we raised that much. However, we only made two thousand, so it was kinda bittersweet. If you broke it down, we really only made around a grand (Tina, if you leave a comment here in this, could you please let me and everyone know how much we made on Saturday? If you told me, I just forgot due to being too tired). As for how we got the other thousand, that is for another post. I do know that we have $1,600 in the pot also since starting the online donation, which means we have $3,600, or at least that much all together according to the National Transplant Assistance Fund. I'll find out tomorrow and let you know. Maybe we can hit that five thoussand soon. Let's cross our fingers.

Well, I got stuff to do now that I'm up. I've got no food in the house and I'm starved. Oh, and it looks like I'll be moving once again. Everyone here wants to move out and I can't afford this place on my own, so I've got three months to find a new home. I swear I hate moving, especially now. Maybe I can find some good public housing where I'll be safe, but that is the biggest oxymoron I've ever heard. Keep the fingers together on that one, too.

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