Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Why Couldn't I Look Like Abe Vigoda?

Babs has an interesting question on her site, as she always does. Today the query was "What celebrity do you look like"? Unfortunatly, I had to answer, and it brought back a very wacky floodgate of memories. I can say that it's all true. I think Tina can vouch for me after she reads it. If you want vouch nearly anything about me, ask her or her husband, Jeff. My life is that ridiculous. I never said it was a bad thing. I just seem to step into an interesting world every day I wake up. All I just do take that deep breath and see how it all unfolds. It's the only way to make it in this world, I think. Anyway, just read the story and understand why will forever hate the Today Show and never eat a Double Bacon Chicken Tender Ranch. EVER.

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