Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Wild, Wild Life

Well, I got a router for the lappy. I had to ask Jason if he could bring back his, since it seems that his was the one that was making it work. I'll look for the software later, but now we got things to talk about.

First as promised, here's the news of the fundraisers I was talking about. The first one will be called Sam's Big Score. It will be held at The Bar Bar, located at 219 W. Julian St., here Savannah, GA on may 14 from 10pm until 2:30am. Basically, the bar never charges at the door. Their felling is the only thing you shoukd ever have to pay for in a bar is the drinks. Well that night, we're asking for only a three dollar minimum doation at the door and the bar is wide open to you. Plus, if you step all the way to the back of the bar to the dance floor, you may notice someone spinning the tunes that night. I really don't trust anyone else playing DJ that night. Face it, you want it done right, do it your own bad self. This is going to be one sweet night, as we go for the The Big Score. Play theme from Shaft here.

The other thing we have planned is...Well, how do I explain. On June 14th, we're teaming with our local minor league baseball team,the Savannah Sand Gnats for Survivor Day! Now, I'm not certain, but I have have a feeling someone going to get voted out of the outer field, but I could be wrong. Anyway, Tina came up with the idea that since I have the tenacity of William Shatner (and how has he lasted this long in show business, anyways) when it come to my health, I would be the perfect Survivior, or something like that. So, we've got tickets to sell, but only for a limited time here online. If you want to purchace one or maybe, ten, they're only six bucks and half the sales of each ticket go directly into the fund! Now, I will say that these babies are collectors items, as they have my name on them! Yep, the Sam Johnson name is printed right on it. Just shoot an email to Samjohnson@gmail.com and let me know if you'd like to buy any. We'll send you the address ('cause I don't want stalkers looking here for it) and your purchase price. Afterwards, send a self addressed envelope with your order amd we'l ship it out to you a.s.a.p.. But, you'll have to do it before June 5th, that way we'll know it'll get to you on time. Hey, I'll even sign the each ticket you ask for my mail! That makes it even more collectable! That is, if I ever really do get that talk show I keep dreaming about.

Two interesting facts about that day. One, that June 14th is my birthday, so it's a cool way to celebrate it! Two, and this is the tough part. Tina actually convinced The Sand Gnats to let me throw out the first pitch. I haven't picked up a baseball since I was a kid and honestly, I used to be a lousy pitcher when I did play and that was softball. I can tell you now this will not be pretty. I can hear the hecklers now. "The pitcher's blind, he can't throw." Well, even I know that, hence the glasses I now wear. I would have been happier singing The National Anthem, but somehow it seems funnier to see me pitch. Well, if it gets me more money for the kidney fund, then I guess I gotta go for the gusto, huh? I'll keep you al posted on how practice goes and if my rotator cuff stays intact.

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