Wednesday, May 04, 2005

American Idol Idiot

The hype is all over and the" expose' " ABC News promised about exposing American Idol is now said and done and you know what? WHOOP-DEE-DIDDLLY-DOO! I don't watch the show anyway. Okay, I'm lying, like most other Americans. I watch the auditions so I can have a laugh or two. After that, I could really care less who wins or loses. I just want to see some bad singing. You know you do, too.

So what happens now? Well, ABC gets ratings for what turns out is a somewhat overlong "Primetime Live" piece, Paula Abdul's playing Mrs. Robinson while Seacrest can't even get spooned by William Hung, and Cory Whatshisname will go on to hit his sister again for possibly being more talented while he sells at least seven copies of his short story. The album, of course, will flop. If Paula does leave the show because of this or not, it won't really matter. People didn't listen to her when she sold records, who's actually listening to her when it comes to voting for a singer?

I think I can finally sleep now that this nightmare is over.

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