Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Finish It, Fool!

I know that's what your sayin' right now. I feel ya. But, I gotta let you know what's goin' on NOW.

I had lunch earlier with Ivan today, and let me tell you, I had a great time. I was actually comfotable around the guy, even though we had never met personally. Thanks to blogs, you get a feeling for the person writing it. He's a a friendly guy on the web, so it was no problem I.R.L. to sit and chat with him. Although, I have to admit I kinda dominated the whole thing, just yammering away at stuff. I think that might be because I don't really get to talk to any one in or out of public about stuff lately. It was fun to talk about Old Time Radio and TV shows and why we do blogs and growing up. It turns out we have a few things in common, which was fun. Plus, I think we gave our waiter Steven from Ruby Tuesday's hell just for asking if we wanted desert. I had a great time and I hope that Ivan and I become good friends in the long run. Thank you, Mr. Schreve for takingthe time out to break bread with me and letting me yammer on so much. LONG LIVE THE LEAGUE!

After lunch, I stopped at Media Play to pick up the DVD of "TEAM AMERICA", which just came out today and a disc of Johnny Carson's older shows, including "Who Do You Trust" and the orginal "Johnny Carson Show" from the fifites. It was only 8.99 at the store, but your price will vary. Still, if your a Carson completist, you may want to pick them up, as it shows Johnny at the beginning, before NBC and all the divorces. I always pick up good swag at Media Play.

One more thing...

I went to my new place today to pay the deposit and talked to the owner. She's a very nice lady, who looks nice, so that's a good thing. She's a business woman and very smart, so that's nice too. I got to go take one last look inside the place before I clutter it up with stuff and I gotta tell ya,
this soooo rocks. One thing I asked her about was the attic and was there storage room there. She told me that for a two story garage apatment, I had loads of room, even in the attic. She told me when I'm ready to put a ceiling fan and more lights up there, that could be ANOTHER ROOM unto itself! I HAVE A THREE ROOM, ONE BATH ALL TO MYSELF! THANK YOU, JESUS! I'm not even gonna tell ya how much it costs a month, because if I did, you would come down to Savannah, club me across the head and take it from me! Baby, I'm Livin' Single like Queen Latifa and Tootie! No roomies, no bad parking, no noise after I get done with dialysis,
no dumb nothin'. When I get settled there this June, God willin' and the creek don't rise, y'all gonna see a new Sam. A relaxed Sam. A happy Sam. This is what America is all about.

AMERICA! F*** Yeah!

Oh,yeah...I'll have the ending of my "Wheel" saga up later this evening. I'm gonna go watch some Carson now, though.

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