Sunday, May 29, 2005

Home Stretch

Well, I finally started to move from the old place to my new home. The elecetricity is finally on, and I'll have the cable turned on there either this week or next week. Which means that I'll be taking a break from the site for a while as I try to get settled in my new digs. This will be the first break I've have in a bit from this place. I feel kinda bad that I won't be here, but I remember when I was having lunch with Ivan a couple of weeks ago and he mentioned that working on a blog can sometimes feel like a job. There are folks who come here everyday and expect there to be something new here, so you have to satisfy. Well, I don't want to disapoint, so I 'll still do some audio posts, time allowed of course. But, I have someone that will be keeping an eye on the place. Good Friend Pandora will be the guest host for me while I'm away. Kinda like Letterman was for Carson. Actually, I haven't told her yet even though she volunteered a few days ago, I haven't told her yet, so she'll be as surprized as you are when she sees this. I'll try and have a couple of other friends drop by and leave a few things as well, so it won't be like you'll do without. As for me, I've got lots of Fung Shui to do. Thanks for reading and I'll see you soon. Have a great Memorial Day, y'all!

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