Tuesday, May 17, 2005

How Do You Keep A Reader In Suspense?

It looks as though the wrap up to our little adventure will have to wait until Tuesday night. I was actually hoping to finish it up on Sunday, but there were so many details. I'd been debating on talking about this since I started the blog. Before that, I sort of envisioned a sort of screenplay for it, making it hyper-realistic. Sort of an "Antwon Fisher" meets "Revenge Of The Nerds" kinda flick. A wild, 80's style kind of comedy. Who knows? One day, maybe I'll actually sit down and work on it when I have the time. After all, it's funny 'cause it's true.

Tuesday is busy gay for me, though. I get to put the deposit down on my new place. MY NEW PLACE! NO ONE ELSE! I'm so freakin' happy! Plus, there will be the first meeting of The League Of Savannah Bloggers! Actually, Thrilling Days Of Yesteryear's Ivan G. Schreve, Jr. are meeting for lunch at Ruby Tuesday's, where we'll be discussing blogs, old tv shows, and why "Suspense"was the coolest radio show ever. ALL HAIL THE LEAGUE!

As for "Wheel", it will end. I hope you'll like it. Thanks to everyone who've been reading so far and enjoyed it. The reason most folks do blogs is to tell their story. That's just one of them. In the words of the great Jimmy Durante, "I gotta million of 'em."

He also said "Good night, Mrs. Calabash. Wherever you are". And that's my cue to go to bed.

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