Tuesday, May 10, 2005

I Gotta Pitch For Ya...

Well, time to talk about fundraising. We were actually going to have a dance this weekend, but it's been postponed due to thwe posters any flyers weren't ready yet. I hope we'll have those up soon, as we have a deadline now, according to the Georgia Transplant Foundation to raise up to ten thousand dollars for the Access To Care Matching Funds Program, which is June twenty-first. Great...More pressure.

We still however have tickets to sell for the Savannah Sand Gnats game on June fourteenth. Honestly, I think Tina has sold alot, while I have only sold at least four. Most of the folks are saying that they want to wait until it's closer near the date. You can use those tickets anytime however, and go see any game this season, if you wish. And we're still selling them online here (Thank you, ]. You've bought two of the four I've sold so far.) So, if you'd like to buy a pair or ten, drop me an email letting me know before June fifth, so I can get them to you in time to comem out and watch me try and throw a ball. Remember, half the profits of the tickets, which is only six bucks, go to the kidney fund. Or just as well, please go the NTAF site and drop off a donation in my name. Every bit helps and I thank you in advance. I need to go practice my slider pitch now.

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