Thursday, May 19, 2005

Sith-ing Thru The Theater

Beware of a possible spoiler here in this review of Star Wars Episode III- Revenge Of The Sith. However, if you've seen the first three films, then it doesn't spoil much now, does it?

Well, it's done. Anakin has succumbed to The Dark Side. Yoda has gone to the swamps of Dagoba. Luke has gone to his Uncle Ben. Everything is in it's place. What a ride.

I got there and waited for Jason around 11pm. I was surrounded by Nerds, Geeks and Fanboys. I still don't know where I fall in that category. Still, I felt at home with them. There were lots of folks who recognized me from The Comic Box and loads of "Sams" where yelled out. I felt like I had friends there and I needed them. This film takes alot out of you. If you know the story well, then you know how it turns out. But, just seeing it reminds me of the Zapuder films. You read how President Kennedy was killed, but with the films you see the tragedy unfold before your eyes.

I don't want to go into detail on what happens. I'll let you read the better reviews from Roger Ebert or Harry Knowles or any of the other millions of people who will tell you that George Lucas finally got it right, which in my view, he did. But, I'll say this much. When you watch with the audience, you will turn to the left or right of you and and see your fellow film goer in shock and awe. Men's jaws will drop. Women will weep. And in the end, they will cheer. George got it right...finally.

At one point in the film, Obi-wan looks at security tape to see how Anakin gave his vow to become a Dark Lord and Yoda warns him that even though you know it happened, you may not want to see it. I can telll you I felt just the same as Kenobi and I am as shocked as he was. Yet, I knew it was destiny. Or at least, in Lucas' outline. Coming out of the whole thing, I felt like I was a time traveller wanting to jump into the screen to tell young Skywalker, "Don't do it! The Empire is using you!" But, I had to let it all unfold, all for my pleasure. I sat there for two hours and thirty minutes and watch the Republic fall and the Empire rise. That's pretty sick, if you ask me, to just sit there and let it happen.

So, do I recomend this film? Yes, I do. Quite highly, in fact. I do warn you that this isn't for smaller childern. If you take one, though, you will have to do alot, and I mean, alot of explaing. It will warp a child's mind to see this film at a tender age. Wait until "Madagscar" is released and show them that. There's too much death and darkness in this film, which is what Lucas wanted. This is the deariest "Star Wars film ever. But, you knew it would come down to that, didn't you?

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