Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Batman Forever And Ever

First, my cable still isn't on yet. So, how am I doing this at 3:33 in the morning? Well, I can say that stealth is a very good thing. Don't worry....It's all legal. I have a key to the radio station. This will of course get me in trouble possibly. But, after tonight, I guess I'm not too worried.

I guess you're wondering about my birthday. Well, I have a good time at the baseball game. Yes, the fisrst pitch was refreshing. I suppose it's every guy's dream to throw out a pitch on a major league mound. OK, it was minor league. But not many guys get the opportunity and I had mine. I hope that the Sandgnats get a photo up online soon. I'll try and have one up soon myself.

I also got to se alot of friends and family there, too. My nephew Landy brought his son out, weho happens to be a big baseball fan. He actually surprized me with his knolegde of the game, evern at trhe age of eight. That was nice to know that the game will never die when you've got kids around to keep it alive. God, there so many kids there, baseball will be around forever. Thank Jesus they can get away from the XBox for this.

After awhile I sat with Tina, who asked me what my plans were after the game.

"I was planning on taking myself out for a steak dinner to celebrate my birthday."
"Oh, are you going with anyone", she asked.
"No. I just planned on just going for the steak. Nobody else, unfortunatly", I said.
"Well, would you like me and Jeff to come with you?"
"I don't want to inconvieniance you two", I said. Then, I thought about it. I don't want to be alone today. "Yes. Yes, can you come, please?"

We planned on meeting at Logan's Roadhouse around tem p.m., after Jeff got settled from announcing the game. I got there around ten-fifteen. Logan's closed at ten. So much for the dinner.

I called Tina and let her know what was going on and drove across the street to Applebee's. Tina called me as soon as I got there and asked if she still wanted to meet up. I told her that it would be too late for them to get over there and that Applebee's would be closing by the time they got over there. I said, sadly, that I would be fine and that we'll have other times. I then sat down to the WORST FRIGGIN' STEAK in the world. I asked for medium on my mesquite BBQ steak and it came well and chewy. My tea tasted like it came from a can and I was just disgusted with life at that point. I left a small but decent tip, told the waitress I hated the steak, but it's my birthday and I'll live with it. I hate chain store food.

I then drove over to the movie theater and had the only other pure joy of the night. Batman Begins is one of the best films of the year. Christian Bale makes you forget about everyother Dark Knigt you've ever seen and owns the role. He's about as menacing as a man in a black winged suit should be. As for Micheal Cane, he's wonderful as Alfred. Not shooting out one liners like the predecessors, he comes about as an honest man who actually cares about Master Bruce, hoping that his first outing won't lead to anything morre dangerous. The rest of the cast was very good themselves, including Morgan Freeman in a Q-like role and Gary Oldman as a young Jim Gordon, realizing that he now has possibly the only honest person in Gotham on his side.
I can't wait to see them all in the sequels, as this is is a dream ensemble for any director. Worth seeing twice.

I think I'm done for now. I may not make it back here for a couple of days. I'm working hard to get my cable back on, as I'm getting bored out my skull watching local TV and not having my PC's up and running like I should. So, I'm gonna be busting my hump this weekend trying to get the rest of the other bills paid to pay for the transfer of my stupid cable (Comcast is like that). I also realized how terribly lonely I was tonight at the movies, so I'm going to start female hunting, as well. THAT OUTTGHA BE FUN. To all of you that wished me a happy birthday, thanks you and bless you all. It really meant alot to me, considering it all.

Time to use the stealth mode again and get outta here before the morning show walks in. He would hate to see me right now and vice versa. See you soon!

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