Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Happy Blog Day To Me!

It was on this date in 2003 that I came across Blogger and set about to do something wonderful and scary;I was about to talk about myself across the internet and around the world. There were many folks doing the same thing that I would be. Some would stick with it, while others would just do it as a one-off and never return. To those folks I say...YOU PUSSIES.

I mean, there's guys like me who have to go away for a bit and my writing sucks. You don't even take the time out to actually write a damn thing! You're just doin'' it so you can tedll you high faluttin' pals at the4 club, "Hey, I got me one of them blogs, too! I'm gonna gwet me a book deal from it, then get on a talk show, then get a reality show! I'm gonna be a star!" Then, when you realize that no one's reading the dang thing after only TWO POSTS, you say screw it and go back to eatin' yer Cheeto's and watchin' yer Fear Factor, not givin' a dang to that piice of whiney pap you call "a blog". Bollocks to ya. Bollocks to all of ya wusses for not compleatin' a dang thing in your life.

That's right. I'm back and with a vengance. Thank God for wireless networks and neighbors. I'm tired of not being able to update you daily and talk about, well, stuff. I mean, I missed the whole Jacko thing, the Runaway Bride interview, Tom and Katie, just plain junk. That's what we do here at the RSJS (that is really growing on me and so should you). We talk about ordinary stuff and just try to have some fun here. Honestly, doesn't real life just get you down with all it's depressing stuff. Don't you just wanna laugh about life once in awhile. After all, if you take it too serioiusly, you become ordinary. Who wants that, really?

For those of you who don't know me or have never come here before, I'll give you some bullet points...

My full name is Samuel Marquieth Johnson. I'm 39 years old and live in Savannah, Georgia. I'm divorced after 15 years of bliss with no kids.

I've been in radio since 1983 and I currently work at WEAS FM here in town, Sundays from noon to four.

My hobbies are old time radio and comic books. My favorite superrhero is Superman.

I have a crush on Lynda Carter. Toni Braxton is creeping up close, since she now knows that she will be my future ex-wife.

For the first time since being married, I now live alone in a two story carridge house I call "Milestone". I live alone now after fear of being alone. I overcame that.

I have End Stage Renal Failure, meaning that I have only 30% of BOTH kidneys working. I go to dialyisis three times a week for four and a half hours every time. I am currently doing some fund raising.

If I lose everything else, I know that I have good friends, online and off.

Oh, yeah...I am a twisted young man who takes the name of Samuel Johnson and does his best to live up to it. After all, with great names comes great responsibility.

So there you go...ME. It's not special or anything, but I'm pretty happy with the way it's gone so far. I'm still alive and I can still come back here everyday and just talk about...stuff. Hopefully, you'll come back here everyday or every other day (I'm not picky, but you could stop on in say "hello" once in awhile", maybe have some coffee and a bagel...I picked them up today. You should eat once in a blue moon, you know) to have a laugh, click a link, meet new friends. That's all I wanted to do once I started on this blog. Make new friends and just talk about...stuff. I'm gonna keep it up for as long as I can. I hope you'll keep up and stick around. I promise there's a lot more to come in our third year of silliness.

Stuff happens after all...

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