Thursday, June 09, 2005

Hubba-Hubba, Y'all!

Hey, gang! Well, I'm back...Kinda. I don't have the money to pay for the cable to ge transfered after the move, plus I've had do deal with the mail coming late, which meant my check was late getting to the new place, which meant the first month's rent was late, which meant...Headache. However, I can promise a fresh post on Sunday, as I'll be here for a "Sunday with Sam" something while I do my radio show on WEAS. Which is where I am now, since I'm filling in for the 6 to 10 guy.

As for Pandora and Philip, if they're getting tired of this place by now and wish to get back to their own lives, they are more and welcome to stop posting, or keep going as long as you want. You guys have been wonderful, but I don't want you guys to anymore than you need to. I'm glad you stepped in and helped, but if you're tired, then take a break. If not, then keep on keepin' on. Either way, I'm glad to have you two as freinds and happy that you helped out.

I promise, though. A funny post is coming from me on Sunday.Stay tuned...

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