Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Sugary Breakfast Cereals and the Universe

Good morning all you fans of The Real Sam Johnson blog. Sam is off for today so I am this mornings guest host, Pandora Zowada.Today's post is brought to you by...

"Vitamin powered sugary cereal Quisp for Quazy energy"

In keeping with the theme of guest host Philip's previous entry, I will make this entry about comics. I didn't read comics much as a young'en and I feel as though I lost out by not doing so. For some reason as a teenager I was obsessed with Perry Mason books and read every single one. However, when my two sons were younger we did dabble in comic books.

My oldest son was obsessed by Star Trek:TNG (thanks to his mother!) and one year for Christmas he received issues 1-5 of the comic books for ST:TNG. This was only the beginning. I remember once a month, we would take our walk up to the little store (the only store) we had in town when the new shipment of comics were in and browse through their selection. Now remember, I was born and raised in Montana...the selection of comics was not all that great! But my older son managed to amass quite a collection of Star Trek comics, which he still has to this day. My younger son also would pick out a few comics every month. I believe he leaned more towards Mutant Ninja Turtles and Superman. And echoing what Philip stated previously....I was happy that they were READING. Comic books are a great way to entice a child down the path to reading enjoyment.

I was more into cartoons on television when I was younger. I found this site about the Saturday morning cartoon Hoppity Hooper and it brought back a flood of memories. I now see where I get my penchant for unusual names. One of the characters on this cartoon was named Professor Waldo Wigglesworth so that must be where "Bippy Wigglesworth" got his name even though I didn't realize it at the time. Maybe they are related. Who knows...anything can happen in Toon Town.

Well, this ramble has gone on long enough. I wanted to dress up this blog a little so here is a present for Sam and all his readers. Enjoy!

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