Sunday, June 12, 2005

They Say It's your Berthday (spelled that way so I don't get sued by McCartney)

I turn the magical of 39 years on Tuesday. Now there wouldn't be anything special about 39 if it wern't for one of my heroes, Jack Benny. Benny would hold on to 39 until the day he died, in character of course. He was vain about his looks on stage, telling everyone he was an eternal thirty-nine and he meant it. Who really wants to become forty years old anyway?

The whole "aging gracefully" thing seems to be working mfor me so far. I'm told that I still pass for a guy in his late twenties-early thirties without my moustache. I kinda like that, because it still keeps me young. Have you noticed by the way that "forty is the new thirty"? I mean, do you remember as a kid that everyone who was forty years old looked forty? Now, we have Brad Pitt at 4-oh, Tom Cruise at 43 (and dating young chicks, as well) and Sharon Stone at 40-something looking hotter than ever. When Shelly Winters hit forty, she never looked that good. The last time she saw forty...fill in weight joke here.

There's lots of f olks who just treat their birthday as any other day, but not The Kid. Oh-no. I got two good reasons to celebrate. One, becasue it's Flag Day, which is an national holiday. When I was younger, I would go out and see all of these houses decorated with Ol' Glory and think it was all for me. At least, that's what my momma told me. To this day, I still kinda belive it to be true. The second thing is that after all the crap I've been thru the past few years, physically and emotionally, I made it thru. And yeah, I still gotta go thru a stupid kidney transplant, but I'm still here, y'all. So to all the haters out there who thought I would never make it this far in life, kiss my whole Black...

You know what? I think forty is gonna be a breeze.

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