Thursday, June 23, 2005


I'm almost closer to get the cable turned on at my place, thanks to a nameless friend. So, I'm grateful for that. I also just found out that Audioblogger has just changed servers, which means I can finally do a mini-podcast again. ABOUT FRICKIN' TIME!

I still have my problems, though. It's a constant with me, as we all know. While I may be able to do the podcasts from my cell phone at home, I can't get a signal to save my life due to the fact that my place is made primarily of brick, particularly gravestone, in or around the early 20th century. Yes, my place is old, and I can't make any calls out of it, seperating me from humanity more than ever. Ahh, my life. Joseph Heller would be glad that his book still holds true.

I'll talk to you soon. As soon as I get a good lock on a tower.

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