Tuesday, July 05, 2005

50,000 Miles And Running!

We did it! Over 50,000 hits on this little dog and pony show! I'm not aure how to take it, really. It just shows that there's alot of love for the ol' boy after all this time. You guys freakin' rock me ever time!

So, it's time we announce the winner of our little contest. Congrats goes out to TERRY LACY! Terry, you are the 50,000th visitor here to the RJSJ, so for that, we give you not only a big hug, a bowl of my homemade banana pudding, an autographed photo of of Lyle Waggoner I signed myself and a year's supply of Vitamitavegiman, but you are one of the rare Americans, nay, people of Earth, to have a one of a kind, cased in plastic, untouched by human hands, blessed by the Pope, and sealed for your protection, but soft for a woman...THE NO-PRIZE!

Terry, you show this thing with pride, my friend. If and when you open that envelope and you marvel at the simplistic beauty of The No-Prize (men have been blinded just peering at it for a brief minute or ten), you too will swell with pride as I know others have, while saying proudly, "I just got a No-Prize"!


I'm so proud, I can't stop crying like I just won "Dancing With The Stars". Ex-excuse me won't you, whilst I wipe the dew from my eyes..

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