Thursday, July 28, 2005

Blackstone Rising

Okay...For those of you who didn't click the link below, I'll just tell you. I've sold my soul to ROCK AND ROLL.

Yep, I've gone rock. I npw have a radio gig on WIXV here in Savannah! My first show will be next Saturday night from 6pm until 10pm, e.s.t.. It kinda sucks that you're not able to stream radio stations anymore, otherwise everyone can hear me jam. Don't worry...I'll do a audioblog on that day for everyone. Now, for those of you wondering: Yes, I'll still be doing my show for WEAS on Sundays from Noon until four, playing hip-hop AND r&B. Both radio stations are owned by Cumulus Broadcasting, so I'm just walking from one room to another. However, I can only be Sam Johnson in one place. This is why it's good to know how to use a secret identity. So, when I'm on I-95 (WIXV's nickname), I shall become a totally different person. Remember, YOU will know me as The Real Sam Johnson

from this day forth, all will soon know me as The Man Codenamed: BLACKSTONE!

Notice when I take the glasses off, I look real different? Total goofball to hardrockin', two-fisted man of action? See, I told you that whole Clark Kent thing is true. Now, remember, this is our little secret. Not a word to anyone, Mmmkay?

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