Thursday, July 14, 2005

Do I Look Like I'm Jokin'?

I have a feeling some of you thought I was kidding about the Miss RSJS, because no one has sent in a nomination. I think some of you by now know that WHEN I SAY SOMETIHNING, I MEAN IT. Yes, I am serious about this. So much so, that I have taken it upon myself to drop a nominee or two into the pool. So here they are.

Here is Allison from Allison Lives. She's 27 years old and lives in Maryland. According to her, "In my spare time (which I never seem to have enough), I enjoy artistic things like watercolor and painting pottery. I love to read, mostly English or American classics. I'm an avid movie-watcher, however I hate animal movies, depressing movies, and just plain weird movies. I really enjoy spending time working on my websites or doing other computer-related projects. In fact, I spend entirely too much time in front of my computer. I prefer to label myself as computer-savvy. I don't know enough to be labeled a geek...yet. "

This is Tiffany from Blown Fuse. She's from North Carolina, married and has been blogging since January of 2004. "The Queen of Snark" says, "This blog is called blown fuse because it just seemed appropriate. When we first moved into our house, I tried to plug something in to an outlet in the living room. It blew up and threw the entire circuit into fuckeditude."

She also owns the soundtrack to the musical "Hair".

This is Kristin, better known as Redneck Diva. She lives in Oklahoma with her husband and her three kids, one of whom is named Sam. That alone got her here.

Finally, this is April Winchell. She lives in L.A. and does voice-over work, incluing cartoons like "Disney's Recess" (she's Miss Finster). She's been blogging since 2001 and does a radio show as well. And yes, her father was Tigger.

Now, these are just my nominations. We want to hear from you now.Who do you think should be Miss RSJS? From all the nominees we'll get, we'll pair it down to just four and then just one.So, get them in soon. We'll add all the nominee to Flickr and you'll have a chance to check them out before you vote. So, once again I say, Get those emails in to in now!

Update Okay, I've gotten some good response so far after putting this post up, but so far, but so far everyone's just voting for the ones we have here. If you know a female blogger and they have a photo they can share, then let's put 'em up here! While your at it, check out their blogs and sites as well. It's great to see them all here, but what it's all about is thier writing. Thanks, gang!

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