Saturday, July 16, 2005

Even More Nods!

Where's Babs? Moos? Heidi? C'mon, y'all...Get those nominations in there!

I got this in the mail from Damon Owens. "I've got your winner, right here! Its Miss Gina Barge, blogger extraordinaire. At her blog, Gina's RantSpot , she provides commentary and observations that are both insightful and amusing. Her reflections of life experiences make her blog must-reading for me -- and, oh yeah, she's a hottie too! I humbly submit her for the coveted Miss RSJS title." That's good enough for me.

Here's Erica of Swirlspice. She loves sangria, the WNBA and just tried out for The Amazing Race. Good luck!

Lisa sent in this comment. "I nominate Robin... (she's going to kill me =)"
Robin from A.K.A. Binsk. Very mischivous look here. Well to be fair for Robin...

Here's Lisa. This way Lisa, if Robin gets mad at you for this, you can say you're in it, too. By the way, do you know THE MONKEY?

That's it for now. I gotta say, this is fun. Somebody's gotta get this on Fark or something. Sometime later today, I'm gonna put together the Flickr post so you can see all the lovely lady bloggers. And soon, you will have a change to vote. So, get those nominees in soon! David and I have a lot of work ahead of us....

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