Friday, July 22, 2005

A Good Ol' Fashioned Catfight

Wow, this is gettin' good. As I write this now, Redneck Diva and April Winchell are tied at first place. Diva's letting everyone know at her blog, like most of the others, while I think April is getting support over at KABC in L.A. . So, just to make it fair for everyone, I'm keeping the poll up until Monday so everyone has a shot. Plus it'll give me a break as I have a major weekend going on here. I've got two major radio shows going on WEAS, plus this is the weekend for Jamfest, which was postponed from last month due to rain, but is going on Saturday. Singer Toni Braxton will be there and I'll be bringing her out, hopefully. This is going to be as dream come true, I can promise you. I have a good feeling this nis really gonna turn out to be a good weekend all around. I'll see ya after the show, gang!

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