Sunday, July 31, 2005

Here She Is...Miss RSJS!

For those of you too lazy to click links, The Redneck Diva has won The Miss RSJS! If she is unable to fufill her duties, then the Second runner-up will hold the title. I think Kristin will do a good job however doing her reign with the title. Plus, she baking me cookies. I like chocolate chip-raisin. Two dozen, please. An email address will be sent shortly to you, Diva. By the way, If you haven't gone there as of late, you have to check out the update in her site. It looks fantastic!

As for the contest...Why do I do such things? Because it's fun. And also, because I don't feel like talking about personal stuff too much these days, which I feel bad about, especially since I need to get back into fundraising for my kidney transplant. So while I have all the new readers here and some of the older ones, if you would like to make a contribuition, I would really like it and every little bit would help. Just go here to the National Transplant Assitance Fund to find out more. Thank you again for voting and thanks in advance for your donation.

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