Wednesday, July 20, 2005

My James Doohan Story

One of my best married friends when I was wedded was a couple named Dave and Sylvia Linsdey. He was an Army guy from St. Louis and she was a stripper from Savannah. They really had nothing in common, bu they loved each other for awhile and that was okay, I guess. If they loved anything together though, it was "Star Trek": the old and the new. They were only together during the first few seasons of "The Next Generation", so I don't really know how they felt about "Deep Space Nine" or any of the other shows afterwards.

Sylvia kinda absorbed the show from Dave and found the the first two shows wonderful, but the guy she loved the most was Mongomery Scott. He was cheerful and loveable, but when it came down to business, he was dead on serious. Scotty was a good ol' boy by way of Scotland, so the writers wrote it. Of all the characters of those shows, Scotty seems the most real to alot of viewers.

One day, they decided to take in a Trek convention, one of the last with James Doohan, as he was up in age and unfortunatly, his Alzhimers was beginning to start. But they wanted to see their hero one last time, so they made the trip to Florida, braved the Trekkies or Trekkers or whatever they call themselves (we comic book fans stick to "fanboys" for the most part) and finally got to meet the man. When they came back after the show, Sylvia had tears in her eyes when she told me how wonderful the guy was, how he signed every photo, shook every hand, and greeted every fan with a "hi". The most generous person she had ever met in her life.

James Doohan passed away today after 86 years. His wife of 28 years, Wende was at his side when he left. Dave and Sylvia divorced two years after that show. Where The Lindsey's went of too afterwards, I have no idea and I wish them well. As for James and Wende, they had a wonderful life together. I would like to thank Mrs. Doohan for letting us borrow her husband for awhile and letting us enjoy his adventures in space and beyond.

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