Tuesday, July 05, 2005

On Blogging and Monkeys

Since I've been back online, I really haven't been to most of my favorite sites in awhile, so today was catch up day as I surfed around to see who was doing what, when something caught my eye.

Monkey was leaving.

If you never caught any of this primate's posting, he was one of the funniest guys out there and if I know one thing, I know this for certain...MONKEYS IS FUNNY.

I followed this guy ever since I started reading, then doing blogs and consider him as one of the guys who got me hooked.

I read his last post, for now. He will hopefully return, but for now he has his real life to take care of. When you're ready, Monk, I'll be there. I know alot of others will be, too.

Meanwhile, Spike at Bedazzled has good news: His retro pop site will be around for a good long time. Here's hoping he has time to cut another good CD between then. Need a goood backup singer, Mr. Priggin?

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