Tuesday, July 19, 2005

A Pause For The Cause

Let's take a break from the Miss RSJS Beauty Pagent and talk about stuff for a tic, eh? That's me trying to sound British, what?

I'm at a crossroads on alot of things in life. I've gained a few pounds after moving. That means that I now have food in the house that isn't stolen and eaten. This is not a good thing. But, I am able to cook now and enjoy the smell of good cookin'. Tonight, I'm making a pork roast and Savannah Red rice. Oh, you never had Savannah Red Rice? I finally learned how to do it after 39 years and it's worth while. Here's the recipe. One option, replace the bacon with sliced smoked sauasge and add cooked chicken, deboned. It's a meal unto itself.

I have ceramic tile on the floor here at the house and I have no Idea how to clean it, other that Swifering the hell out of it. aneone have any ideas?

Remember Tickle roll-on? Like diet pop? Well, make it an Aviance night and check out these 70's ads for women.

Hey, David! Brent's talking about The Green Hornet!

Okay, that's all I got now. Still looking for nominations. Check out the other page and make sure to read their blogs. I gotta check my pork.

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