Sunday, August 14, 2005

Another Sunday With Sam Blackstone

I'm trying to geet back into posting normally again, as it was a tough week, what with Dad passing and all. The funeral was held on Wednesday and was wonderful. Thanks to everyone who sent well wishes, by the way. I meeded those. Like I said before , the man wasn't my real father, but he was a close to me as father should be.

I did get some good news though as the days went on. One was the Ebay sale. As the days went on, not too many folks made bids and I was geting worried that noone was biting and that I would wind up holding the bag on the press kits. However, a nice battle started and it wound up ending at 113 dollars! I'll receive the check later this week, which is much needed at the Ha-hacienda. Big shout out to teh winner and all who bid, including the the very first bidder. You know who yuou are...

This brings up something important. I'm getting back into fundraising again and I think I'd like to do an online auction. I have no idea what to put up however to make it worthwhile,as I don't have much of anything to put up. I'll try and keeep you posted on this.

Finally,I have found out that WEAS is once again the nuber one radio station in Savannah, according to Arbritron ratings. Which means my Sunday show is number one again! Thanks again to all the listeners out there for for letting me rant again and making an old pro feel good. Now, if Ican do the same thing on WIXV, I can two of the hottest shows on the radio down south. Let's just hope...

Enjoy your Sunday, everyone!

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