Wednesday, August 31, 2005

A Call to Action

I'm gonna talk about Hurricane Katrina and YOU will read this.

I've been looking around some of the blogs of late today and the ones I've looked into really haven't talked about the aftermath of the storm or the loss of lives in Louisiana. Perhaps they feel that it's too depressing of thing to write about, or that on one wants to hear about something that's been getting wall to wall coverage on televison since last week. I'm gonna be proactive about it and talk about it, because I have a blog that's public and I think I have a responsibility to say something, even if this is a dog and pony show.

I've been watching the stories onm the news with tears in my eyes and saying to myself that it could have bnen me there. Savannah,Georgia is right on the Atlantic Ocean. We have skirted so many hurricanes here, it's amazing. But one day, this town won't be lucky. Neither will your town from a tragedy such as this one day, God forbid.

I've asked you to make contributions before for my kidney transplant. To you, I say thank you very much. Now, I want you to give again. Not for me. I'll be fine for now. But for the many families out there whoes lives have been destroyed by Katrina. Watching people leaving the homes they worked so hard for. Seeing houses underwater and looking at the faces of the citizens of Louisiana looking for loved ones now lost in the floods. You realize that somehow you have to help.

Here's a link to the American Red Cross who is doing all they can, and they can do more with your help. This weekend during the Jerry Lewis Labor Day Telethon, they'll make an appeal for hurricane relief as well as working for funds to fight muscular dystrophy. On NBC this Friday, there'll also run a telethon for disaster relief for those in need of help, just like the one heald for those caught in the tsunami in Thailand just months ago.

For those of you who thought what happened in Thailand couldn't happen to us, now it has. Now, it's time for us to help our own. I hope the other bloggers out there will take the stand on this and rally as much help as possible. Thank you.

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