Sunday, August 07, 2005


This was not a good weekend for me. I got word that my dad passed away after a battle with pnumonia. Now I know what you're saying. He looks nothing like me at all. But, I think I got his sense of humor. I'll explain...

Robert Wiley, Sr. was one of the nicest guys in the world. I became freinds with his son Bob while working on my cable access show, Underground Savannah in 1993. Bob had a twisted mind, and after meeting his dad, I could see why. Bob Sr. was a very funny man who had a wonderful life. He was a Boy Scout as a kid, served in the military as he was older and was father to three wonderful children. Somehow, when I came along later in his life, I wound up becoming one of the family and became his fifth kid. Now, folks would always ask when we went out together how in the world was that true, especially since I didn't look the part when he introduced me as such. Sometimes he would say, "You know that thing Micheal Jackson's got? Well, I got it too." Folks would shake their heads and realize, "Yep, Sam's his kid".

A few years ago, Dad wound up having a stroke which damaged his left side and his abilty to speak clearly. It took alot of therapy, but he wound up talking again, but it was never the same. The stoke left Dad with trying to form words and sentences, with it mostly coming out with stammers. Thank God the old bird still had his sense of humor. When he couldn't get the word out, the sentence always ended with an "fuck". I recall a story of when he asked his wife Jerry if she wanted to go for a ride (he was still able to get around well after the stoke and dove often), it came out...Okay, you get the picture.

I got the call about Dad yesterday afternoon from Bob, just three hours after I got the call that if I wantred to se him, I better get there quick,. I couldn't however, due to the fact that I just started at WIXV that day. Bob told me that Dad had gone to the hospital a couple of weeks ago and doctors told him he wouldn't recover. So, Dad decided to spend his last days at home with family. He passed away in his sleep after four p.m. peacefully, I was told.

I talked to Bob later that night and although he was still crying, he knew that dad was much better off and wasn't feeling pain anymore. We joked around that Dad was finally gonna get his chance to get a crack a Marylin Monroe if he could just get around those dang Kennedy boys, and then afterwards dive bomb us with the good news. Dad didn't want us to morn for long. Just enjoy life for what it was and go from there. Ever since I met him and after my troubles, I've taken it to heart.

Thanks for fishing lessons, Dad.

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