Thursday, August 25, 2005

It's Not Right, But It's Okay

Not to steal the tv review thing from Brent, but today I decided to watch "Being Bobby Brown" on Bravo (say that ten times fast) since they ran a marathon leading up to the final episode. I don't watch reality shows much these days, but this was hilarious. "Newlyweds" was a funny show, but only for a few moments to me. "The Osbourns" was a very funny program and I watched that often. But "B.B.B" was plain out wacky, I thought. Bobby reminds me of alot of the guys from my old neighborhood, just as nutty as anything. After watching some of the shows, it really puts the guy in a new light to me. Yeah, he's cocky as hell, loud, arrogant, and yeah, he had (has) a drug problem. But, he's also a loving father who wants to make his kids happy and stay in love with his wife. However, his wife is Whitney Houston, who doesn't look as anorexic as she did a while back. She's the perfect woman for The King Of Stage, since she's just as loopy as he is. Yeah, she has a dynamic range, but this woman is just plain crackers and he has to deal with it. What makes it so funny is as many hits and arrests that Bobby's had, he's still known as Mr. Houston in some circles. Okay, let's just say it, to be honest...Middle aged white guys. All the guy wants to do is just have a recording carreer, have a cold beer and enjoy life with his family. But that'll never hapen in this lifetime.

Watching celebrity reality shows can be interesting, as it shows that they lead life just like us after they get trashed in the tabloids. Thanks to editing, anyone can be made to look as good or as bad as they need to be shown. From the looks of it, "B.B.B." looks about as wholesome as a episode as "Good Times". But it makes you wonder when the camers aren't running is it really like "Traffic" in the Brown household.

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