Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Lazy Day

I'm not gonna lie to you today. I did ABSOLUTLY NOTHING today. I had planned to go out and do some radio stufff today, but I said "frig it" and just sat on the couch and watched tv. I was too dang tired to do anything but sit on my duff. When I got tired of that, I went online and surfed for a spell. I even did that "kill the space alien/hit the mailbox/beat up Estelle Getty and get a free Xbox 360" thing. I wound up going theru a bunch of xrap before it wa sover and wound up signing for AOL. I then installed it, played with it for a half hour, then uninstalled it, 'cause all I realy want is the Xbox. I hate AOL. Time-Warner doesn't hate it as much as I do, belive me.

My central air wasn't working, my car was dirty and it was raining today. I had a mini pity party today, and I just didn't feel like things were great. Fed Ex even had a package for me, and I missed getting that since they showed up at nine in the morning and I don't wake up on Tuesdays till ten. I don't even know who it was from. The whole day blew.

That is when I saw this...

It was the first good laugh I had all day and I needed it. Kristin's freinds really went all out to celebrate her win and that made me feel good. She deserves it. All I know now is SOMEBODY BETTER HAVE A MR. BLOG CONTEST SOON AND I BETTER BE IN THE TOP FIVE 'CAUSE I NEED TO FEEL WANTED!!! Sorry, that was part of that whole pity party thing from earlier...

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