Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Life Goes On...

As it should. Dad's funeral is tomorrow night at seven and I will be there for it, even though I have dialysis eariler that day. I don't do well at funerals. I won't go into it, but I hate the damn things. But, I will go to this one.

For the most part today, I just sat around the house and got lazy. I didn't want to go anywhere or do anything. I didn't want any calls today, except from Bob, and wasn't in the mood to talk much. I just want to do the whole "refect on life thing" you do after soemone close dies. I know he wasn't my real father, but the guy was as close to me as my real father could never be. This man liked me for being ME, not what-have I done-for him-lately. But enough for that. Life will go on and so will stupid stuff to talk about here. I have to laugh at things, after all. In my state of life these days, if I don't laugh, it's back to Zanax. That stuff blows.

McSweeney's is one of the best humor sites on the web. Why I haven't added it to the blogroll is beyond me (and why I haven't added more sites including the Miss RSJS noms is way beyond, but I'll worrk on that later this week). But, this struck me as very funny and a much needed guffaw. A list of lesser known movie prequels. Got any of your own? Here's mine...

The Not That Fantasic One
Bachelor Party Crashers
Thursday Afternoon Lights (Sometime around 4:32 P.M.)
That's all I got for now...

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