Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Pat Down

Pat Robertson apologized Wednesday morning for caling the assasination of Venezualan President Hugo Chavez on Tuesday. If he didn't call for it, he wouldn't have to say I'm sorry.

Talking about news or religion on a blog that mainly does the funny stuff can be a tricky thing, but this was too much. If you read the last post, you can see it was the only way to tackle it. But see, Pat talks to God obviously a little different than you or I. I'm thinkin' Pat has a kinda God Signal or a red God Phone that he calls him up on. When ever he wants a Supreme Court judge capped, he pulls out the high frequency God Whistle, and The Lord comes a'runnin'.

In a CNN/Showbiz Tonight poll ran earlier today, 20% said that Robertson's apology was fine. 80% said it wasn't enough. However, over eight hundred thousand watch The 700 Club every day and are faithful to the program, so it ain't like the man is going anywhere. It was like a pundit on CNN said last night. He's like you're really old grandpa who justs talk plain nonsense. We're just stuck with him until his pal calls him home. Sad to think, eh?

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