Thursday, August 11, 2005

The RSJS Mailbag

We don't get the letters often, and when we do, it's aways about hot sluts or how somebody just kicked the bucket and the widow can't get the money outta the bank unless I can help 'em out. You probablly get them too, but I bet you don't get letters like this...ORDINARY LETTERS.

Hey there:
I read in your blog that you went to a bar called Notorious. What kind of bar is that? I only ask because I was in Savannah more than 10 during St Patrick’s day; what an awesome time. Anyway, I am planning a return trip and was googling around trying to find some of the places we went to down by the river. I know this is not one of the places but the name is so familiar… Oh yeah, it’s not a strip club is it?

James Keuning

Whassup dere, Mr. Keuning. (Is that pronounced "Cue-ning" or "Cunning"? I have no idea, but then, I don't think I'll ever pronounce your name in public. Sorry, I was trying to act like Strongbad for a second there. Forgive...)

Honestly, as a guy who used to frequent the downtown Savannah bars alot, I can tell you that Notorious is a bar to be seen in if you're young and hip and love to be crowded. It's not a strip club, although I have seen a naked woman once or twice there. Okay....Not really at that bar and it was after hours. NO...I will not tell you where that bar was. There are no after hours bar here in town. Just a place where I hung out with the bartenders after they closed up shop and we got to shoot the breeze. The place is on Congress Street, where alot of the downtown bars are. With at least five bars located in the same radius (Notorious, The Mercury Lounge, Jinx, Sorry Charlie's, and one who's name escapes me as they just changed hands) it gives folks lots of options on where to hang out. The best thing about it all is that Savannah is one of the very few cities here in the U.S. where you can walk around town with your alcoholic beverage, as long as it's in a 16oz. cup so you can enjoy the sites here drunk. The sad part about that is when you're really sober, the place is like Afganistan meets Hazard County. It's the booze haze you get that makes it look pretty, kinda like a fugly girl in Notorious at the end of the night.

Y'all comeback now, ya hear?

Drop me a line sometime soon too, okay?

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