Monday, August 22, 2005

Snakes On A Plane

Have you noticed that Samuel L. Jackson is now just workin' to get a paycheck these days? It's getting to be like he's just waiting to get that paycheck so he can go golfing now. This is the baddest man to walk on the screen since Cary Cooper, and now Sam's just takin' a role for the fun of it. He's working on a movie now called...."SNAKES ON A PLANE". Not "Venom", not "Slither" (that's been done), not even "AIR VIPER". No..."SNAKES ON A PLANE". I've always wanted a title to just get to point, so I'll know whether or not the movie sucks or not.

I found this still on Blackfilm, who probably gave a glowing review to "Soul Plane". I don't know that, since it was the first time I ever went to the site. However, they had stills of "Snake In A Plane" up and it looks like it ought to be a great comedy. Oh, it's not a comedy. WHOOPS! Anyway, here's one of the stills. It doen't have Sam, but it does feature either Kenan or Kel up front. I think It's Kenan, 'cause he's the fat one who played Fat Albert. He looks nothing like me.

I don't know about you, but I can already hear the dialalog from this one photo...

Kenan (excitedly):

Hey, man! They got some snakes on this damn plane! You see this s---, man! They got some damn snakes on this plane, man! What kinda s--- is this when you got snakes on the plane, man! Stewardess! Stewardess! Hey, I don't give a gawdamn what they call you now! You see these damn snakes on the plane?! I ain't paid for this s--- here! I will box somebody in the head if y'all don't get these damn snakes off this plane! Bee-yotch!

Feel good hit right here, I tell ya...

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