Friday, August 19, 2005

Whaddya Think?

After searching and searching, I finally found a template I can work with. I gotta give thanks to May*star for this one. You should check her out. Not only does she do web designs, but she's a modeland does clothing as well. I still have to find a background for this as the white surrounding this kinda puts me off. Still, I kinda like the way it's set up. I even have my theme song here on the page, so that's cool. Feel free to crank that mutha up at anytime you feel.

As for comments, they are still there thanks to Haloscan. You just have to click the time of the post , then you gotta do more stuff. I don't have to explain...I think you can handle it.

Anyway, I've been whining about a new template for a bit now, plus with all the crap happening lately, I figured I needed a change and kinda brighten things up. I'll update the blogroll with new entries over the weekend and I'll even work on some surprizes as well here. One word of warning though...I'm not certain if the page works well with Firefox, so if it doesn't load up well, don't hate. That would suck. Really. So, let me know what you guys think. Is this a keeper?

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