Monday, September 26, 2005

God Got Smart

Okay, time for another Sammy's Deathroll, Celebrity Edition. Actor Don Adams, Best known for his role in "Tennessee Tuxedo and His Tales" has passed away at the age of 82.

I had a great plot idea for a "Get Smart" movie that involved Adams. He would play former Agent 86 as an octegenarian, but the name Maxwell Smart would go to a new agent. Control would be an agency that was formed during WWII to specificly get rid of KAOS and had as it's top agent Smart. However, Control would create Smart via special techniques, erasing everything he knew before in life, only to have the memories of the agent they put together. A KAOS plot is put in plan that goes all the way back to Nazi Germany, but the new Smart has no memory of it and has to trace back to find out how to stop, only to find out he's not the real thing. Neato, huh?

Oh well...Here's hoping Steve Carrell does justice to Max.

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