Monday, September 12, 2005

My brother's keeper

I gotta tell you, this haas been a tough six weeks on me. First, my foster dad dies, then I have to deal with my an violent attack that happened to my sister, and now my brother Eric passes. Eric born normally in 1974, but due to a mishap in one of those incubators they put babies in, he wound up with cerebral palsy ansd was mentally disbled. He was a child of my father and a another woman, who sadly died less than a month after childbirth, but he was brought into my main family when my father had no one else to turn to. Then, my dad turned somebody else two years later and took Eric with him.

Over the years, Eric grew into a fine kid, but he still had his problems. One of them a horible violent streak that he picked up from dad. He would have to be medicated for many years for that, starting in his teens. It was a terrible thing, but I soldiered on doing my best to be a big brother and showing him the love that I, along with my other brothers and sisters could.

Sadly, my father wound up going to jail in 1995, for which reasons I won't divulge right now, but I will say I don't think he'll be around for a family photo anytime. I'll also say for what he did, he deserves it, but it also damaged Eric more as he bounced from house to house, including my own, until he moved to home with people just like him.

He moved to Atlanta a few years ago and was doing very well. I didn't get to see him during that time, but I kept up with him with the rest of my family there. Sadly, he recently contracted pnumonia and would go back and forth to the hospital until he slipped away early Saturday morning, September 10. Also terribly, whis is my sister Catherine's birthdate and and even though we have mourned Eric's passing, she is the strongest of myself, Martin, Damitta, and Erica.

My brother and sisters are coming together to pay for the funeral, since sadly Eric had no insurance. But, we are closer together because of this tragedy and we're stronger for it. We will miss you dearly, Eric.


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