Friday, September 02, 2005

News Media

Before I take my break, I got onemore thing I HAVE to talk about. It is about Katrina, politics and the media. Remember, this is ME talking about this, so if you don't agree with what I have to say, understand this...I'm wacky and don't watch much news to stay wacky. Otherwise,I'd go insane. Insane and wacky is a scary mix.

I've been watching the news channels with their reports on New Orleans and how brave they've become coming out and basicly saying that goverment help has been nil and why haven't they come out sooner. On Thursday, I saw Anderson Cooper almost jumping through the split screen to tear the head off of Louisiana's govenor trying to get an answer before she started to give a pat on the back to the government for the what seems the heck of it. Ted Koppell later in the evening ripped Michael Brown, the head of FEMA, a new one when trying to find out why they pulled out the way they did. Even Karen Byant, the co-host of Showbiz Tonight, which has dumped news about what celebrity is sleeping with who for post Katrina coverage, came close to cursing on the air tonight when posing the question, "Just what the blank is going on here?"

Now like I said, I'm not a pundit or anything, but after all of those reports and more coming in, it seems like Bush got the message on how bad it must be there and Louisiana is tired of, if not America. I remember how reporters were visibly moved from September 11th, 2001, and realizing how close that sad anniverasry is almost upon us. Once again, we see the story from them and many, if not just me, are effected by it all. Because they are there, hopefully the many familes whoes lives were stolen after Monday will get the help they need by just saying a simple phrase over and over again: Where is the help these people need and why isn't it already here?

Olay, I'm off the soapbox. Classic funny all wekend.

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