Monday, September 19, 2005


It's over now. Eric was laid to rest this afternoon. The funeral went as well. I think the only problem that I had was it was too hot here in Savannah to wear a suit. Still, his brothers and sisters stood together to give Eric a good farewell. At his interment, it was 93 degrees in the shade. All I could think of was an old Richard Pryor bit where he was burying his mother during a cold Winter in Peoria, Illinois. His father was next to him shivering, saying, "Baby, I love you. But, gawdamm it's cold!"

Something else I noticed as well...The only real good thing about going to a funeral is the food. Honestly, there was a spread afterwards to make you wanna just curl up and sleep for days whe you were done. My sisters Trina and Cherri went all out and cooked up a storm. Somehow, Red Velvet Cake seems to make you forget about loss for some reason. You start talking about all the good times you had with the deceased when there's comfort food around. Good times...

So, where does this all leave me? September isn't over yet. I've still drained and al I want to do is get caught up on the bills and get my life back to normal, whatever that is. To those of you who've left comments of sympathy, thank you so much. To the others that left spam duing that time, Hell has a place for you. I'm regaining my life after weeks of tragedy. I'm only at 37% so far, but it's a start.

Love ya...Mean it.

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