Friday, September 02, 2005

Steppin' Out

I don't normally use curse words here on the RJSJ, for the fact that I don't like to use them unless it's nessecary. Today, it's nessecary.

It's been a s***** few weeks for The Kid and I need a break. So tonight, I'm goin' out and I'm gonna go act a fool, Sam style. Of course, I'll be a good boy and come home around curfew. Promise. I'm gonna go out, meet some women, have some cranberry juice, meet more women and have a laugh or two. I deserve it.

As for Labor Day weekend in a whole, I'm gonna do some repeats until Monday. Yep, reposts. But it's a good one. We're going back to Dragon*Con since I can't be there this year. Love the posts. I had fun writing them. Enjoy the holiday weekend. Give to the Red Cross.

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