Sunday, October 23, 2005

Dating Questions

Y'know, ever since I've syndicated the RSJS on Yahoo360 and signed up on MySpace, I've become a hit with the ladies. Mind you, I have never met any of them, and really doubt I will, but somehow, they all think I'm...Well, good looking. I like the compliments and all, but sometimes it can get interesting. I got one letter from a woman who wanted to know more about me, so she sent me a questionaire. A FREAKIN' QUESTIONAIRE. I've never talked to this person before, and she's possibly very nice, but this is just too much. I feel like I'm talking to James Lipton on this thing. So, just to show you all, I'm posting here my exact response to her Q and A, uncut. I think you all know me well enough to know that I never take these things seriously, so you know this will be a good read. Her questions are in bold, BTW.
Personal Info Since you wanna be nosey. :)
Gender: A male since 1966
Location : Savannah, Georgia
Height :5'10"
Build: Not too bad. Could use a touch up in a couple of places.
Hair : Shaved.
Eyes: Brown. "Brown Bedroom Eyes"? Get real, junior.
Marital Status : Divorced.
Children: None
Children home: n/a
Smoking : Yeah. Trying to quit.
Drinking : Not anymore.
Religion : Christian
More About Me: You're already asking for more? You're never satisfied, huh?
Education : God, what is this? a job application? Some college, if you gotta know...
Field of Work: Radio
Ethnicity : Black. Not African-American. Black.
Self-description : "He hunts the most dangerous of all game. Public enemies even the G-Men can't catch!" Too much there?
Looks: Like I need a drink
Mentality : You haven't figured that out already?
Politics: I could have been a Republican, but the pay is shitty.
Native Language: Southern
Originally From : Savannah
Great getaway : Anywhere where there's peace, quiet and a slushy machine.
Living quarters : Why? Need a roomamte?
Like to live: Someplace where I can ride a horse.
Timeliness : Aways in thirty minutes or it's free.
Planning: to run for something one day.
As for fashion : Look, I ain't no Puffy, but I dress well and iron my own clothes.
FavoritesMusic: Anything but chamber music and chanting monks
Movie : "Duck Soup" The Jerk" "A Face In The Crowd" Any good film that questions authority.
Outdoor activity : Mountain Climbing, bungee jumping, base climbing, skydiving.
Gotcha on that one, huh?
Indoor activity: Reading, wrting, cooking. Not to be a jerk and all, but the guy above me sure is sure of himself, huh?
Time of year : Christmas
Food : Asian/Japanese
ICE CREAM: Strawberry
BEVERAGE: When I was REALLY drinking, Jameson Irish Whiskey. Now that I don't, frozen lemonade.
Why do I want to get 2 know you? Because...
What would you like to do on a first date? Get to know each other.
Why you should get to know me: Because you seem like someone interesting
What have past relationships taught you? Never date someone with a wig.
Describe some of the most important things in your life: Being able to wake up the next morning and taking a deep breath. Everything else is just there.
Describe your perfect day: Read statement above.
One final thing I'd like to mention...: In case you were wondering, I don't date interacially. I just date WOMEN. It really doesn't matter what color you are. Just be a nice looking woman with some smarts about her and things will work out fine. I hope this answers everything for you.

By the way, if you do like these answers, let me know, as I feel like I just went on a job hunt here and won't get the gig.

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