Tuesday, October 11, 2005

My Pals @ MySpace

Most of you may have gotten an email from me stating that I just joined MySpace and looking for freinds to sign up as well. Since signing on, I've gained 27 new freinds there, including fellow bloggers Ivan, David, Evan, Humanity Critic and Kevin. If you know me well, I'm always looking for freinds to have around, so I'm asking you to join in. As an extra added treat, I'm also posting there from time to time. Mind you, this is a bit more rauchier than you would normally read from me, so let's just say it's PG-13 while this is PG. Still, it's a great place to meet new folks you may have something in common with. So, sign up and add me the other guys here and let's be freinds. We promise we won't track mud on the carpet.

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