Thursday, October 20, 2005

The Ol' Blog Roundup

We haven't done this in a while, so let's see what's going on with the other guys these days in alphabectical order of the blogs...

Randy has a great joke about rednecks, which I know alot about here in Savannah.

Pandora has a brand new banner and some great photos on her site these days.

Kevin has been doing some great photo comics these days, including one featuring me and his newest character, Otter-Prime. Don't ask.

Spike has got a song Charles Manson wrote for The Beach Boys (really), The Walker Brothers, and my third favorite sixites band, PAUL REVERE AND THE RAIDERS selling cars for Dodge.

David has a great meme where you Google your name, then type in needs. I keep getting "You for the U.S. Army".

Tiffany needs help putting together a contest for work. Can you help her?

Brent talks about the new video Ipod, which was invented years ago on The Jetsons.

Tom and Stephen are now featuring Degas artwork for you culture vultures

Mike talks about never made action figures. Do we really need a Deep Throat figure? Them boys in that comic book store have too much time on their hands.

Me? I'm still on My Space.

Mark has an interesting look of the new Ramones box set, which includes a comic book. You gotta hook 'em in, somehow.

Monkey hasn't returned. Does ANYONE know how he's doing?

Swan Shadow talks about his recent problem with sleep apnea, which suffered from awhile back and understand how dangerous it can be. Good luck and God bless, freind.

Johnny Bacardi gives a tribute to Chuck Berry, who turns 79. Damn, how cool is that?

Miss RSJS (you almost forgot about that, huh?) Redneck Diva did David's meme, it seems.

Ivan reviews the new "Buffalo Bill: The Complete Series" DVD box set, gets called "Jim" in the comments, and will be invited to the next Kareoke Crawl next month ( Hey, it was a last minute thing. Plus, you were working, you said.)

The Retropolitan has been featuring cool Halloween stuff on his site lately and is running a contest.

If you've been looking for Wil Wheaton, here he is.

If I missed you, let me know. Bye!

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