Monday, October 17, 2005

Patriotism Is Now Dead

Okay, I wrote that to get you hooked on NERD NEWS! Well, kinda...

The picture you se above is for the first issue of "Infinite Crisis", DC Comics reboot of its superheros for the 21th century. I've read this book and I gotta say I was blown away. Batman has created a rouge satelite that was built to stop any hero that went over the line, but has now become sentient. Wonder Woman has killed a man who was mentally taken over Superman and now video of it has been shown around the world. Magic has been wiped out. Villians have become meaner and deadlier after finding out they were magically lobotomized by the Justice League to stop their rampages. An alien war has broken out across the galaxy. Oh, and one more thing...

Uncle Sam was killed.

Read that again then come back to me.

Yep, Uncle Sam. The Spirit of America. In comics since 1941. Face down in a pool. Pushin' up daisies. If you shoved 10,000 volts up his butt, it wouldn't do a thing. This is a dead Uncle Sam.

I'm waiting for Rush and the others to jump on this one. Was it a political statement? Was it just just a shock treatment for the readers?

You'll have to check it out for yourselves. Besides, in comics no one ever realy dies. They always seem to come back somehow. Plus, it's a good read. The New York Times even said so.

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