Thursday, November 17, 2005

Name This Puppy...NOW!

Okay, I've been nice about it. But now, I'm beggin' ya. Pleadin' ya. I NEED A NEW NAME! I really haven't heard from too many folks on this, and that honestly blows chunks. You have until the 20th of November to do so and time is running out. Look, I'm not asking for much here. Just something that's fun and catchy that just rolls off the tounge, is all. But, it seems NO ONE HAS COME UP WITH ANYTHING! C'MON FOLKS! WHAT'S IT GONNA TAKE TO MAKE YOU COME UP WITH A NEW NAME!? JEEZ!

I got it. I didn't want to have to do this, but you all have left me with no recourse but to bring out...

Puppies. That's right, I did it. I'm bringin' out the puppies. See, ain't them puppies cute? Now, you would wouldn't let one of these adorable looking things walk around with out a name now, would you? See, if they went without a name, then they would be NOBODYS. Soon, they would start roaming around town with their cute little faces sad, walking up to folks asking in their cute, little puppy voices, "Can you give us a name?" You don't want them not to have a new name now, would you? Of course not. Liddle-widdle cute thangs. Wook at dat cute face. WOOK AT DAT CUTE FACE!

Now, help me come up with a new name for the site or the puppies will be hurt that you weren't there for them.

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