Sunday, December 18, 2005

Carl and the Christmas Wish

It was getting closer and closer to the holidays and Carl Wintergaten was excited for it, as penguins do. He knew that it getting colder and that when it snowed, penguins could do all sorts of things outside. They could dance in the snow, they could make snow angels, they could even glide on top of a snow bank on their stomach. There was only one little problem...Carl lived in the Southeaast of the United States, where it never snowed. But, he moved to the South to be near his best pal, Sam and knew that in Savannah, it would never, ever snow. Every year, Carl would make his Christmas wish for snow to blanket the entire city, but it never happened. He knew it wouldn't. But, he knew that it wouldn't hurt to ask.

Still, Carl loved being here in Savannah with Sam. It wasn't Antartica, but it was wonderful being here with his freind. They did all sorts of things together like going to the movies, playing Frisbee in the park, and reading comic books together. Sometimes, Carl's other best freind Bippy Wigglesworth would come over and they would get in all sorts of adventures and they went travelling to visit as many folks as they could. Being here was so much better than being where he came from. Everyone wore the same clothes and did the same thing. But at the same time, he felt homesick for all the snow. He wished Sam knew how much fun he had sliding on the ice on his tummy.

Sam meanwhile was busy with so much during the holidays that he almost forgot abbout Carl. When he wasn't working, he was off to the doctors to make sure he would get sick. Sam was still having kidney problems and going off to dialysis every other day. He was happy when he met Carl after putting an ad in the paper saying he needed a roomate to help him out and they became the best of freinds ever since. But now, Sam was just too tied up to hang out with Carl like he used to. Carl knew it. So one day, he had and idea.

One day after Sam had come home tired from the clinic, Carl sat him down and said, "Hey Sam, did you make your Christmas wish yet?" Sam looked surprised and said, "Oh my! I've been so tied up with everything, I almost forgot that Christmas was just days away! I haven't even set up the house for it! I don't even have your present yet!" Then all of a sudden, Sam began to cry. He told Carl that he didn't have any money this year to buy anything this year because of bills and he wouldn't even be able to buy a tree or anything. That's when Carl had the idea.

Carl looked at Sam and said, "Don't shead a tear, old freind. I'm gonna make my Christmas wish this year and this time, I'm gonna share it with you." Sam said, " But Carl, it's your wish. Don't waste it on me." "Nahhh", said Carl. "It'll be worth it." Then, Carl slapped his wings together, closed his eyes and said, "I wish that it would snow for me and Sam here this year." Sam looked at Carl and said, "Carl, don't so that. You know it never shows here in Savannah. You shouldn't waste your wish on that every year, if not wasting it on me." Carl told him, "Don't worry, Sam. It'll work out. Now, you go off to bed. You had a long day today. Let me worry about the wish."

Soon, Sam went off to sleep, while Carl grabbed the phone and made a few quick calls.

Soon, Christmas had come. Carl was so excited that he was up before Sam. He jumped onto Sam's bed that mornng and said,"Wake up, wake up! Christmas is finally here!" Sam then came downstairs and noticed that there was a huge Christmas tree in the living room. Sam looked shocked and said, "When did we get a tree in the house?!"

Carl said, "I dunno, but we got presents under it! Merry Christmas, Sam!" Carl then grabbed a box from under the tree and handed it to Sam. He then opened it to find DVD box sets to his favorite tv shows, from "A-Team" to "Wacky Races". He looked at Carl and said in a soft tone, "Thank you , old friend." Carl looked at Sam and said, "Hey, I should thank you for the present you bought me" and Carl pulled his box from the tree and opened it. It was a copy of "March Of The Penguins" which had Carl's sister Marge and her son Huey in it in a featured roll.

Sam looked at Carl and said, "I never had a chance or the money to buy you a gift, or efven get a tree. I'm sorry, Carl." Soon Carl figured out how the tree got there with all of those presents, but he couldn't tell Sam. Carl just looked at him and said, "Well, I'm not sure either. Maybe we should look ouside and see if there's anyone out there." They then opened the front door and saw that the entire outside of the house was covered in white stuff.

"It's snow!" they both said and ran into the banks outside their house. " I went to sleep last night, but before I drifted off, I saw the weatherman and he never said anything about snow", said Sam. He then noticed that even though it was cold outside, his house was the only one on the block with four feet of snow. His house was the only one on the block, possibly in the city with snow on it. He looked at Carl and all Carl did was shrug his shoulders, as if to say "I dunno".
After playing in the snow for a bit, they went back inside the ouse and noticed that there was all sorts of food now on the table. Turkey and stuffing, cake and pies, mulled cider on the stove, all kinds of holiday food. Carl looked at Sam again and said, "I have no idea".

Sam thought it would be a great idea to call of their freinds over to see the snow and enjoy their food, but it was too late for that. All the television stations in the city found out about the miracle and came over with the cameras. Soon, word got across to the networks and everyone found out about the snow. His freinds came over without even calling and started making snow angels and snowpeople and started snowball fights. Even Bippy came by and began speaking to reporters saying, "In Montana, it snows all the time during the winter. But, I never heard of it ever snowing Savannah, at least in one spot!" Everyone had a wonderfull time playing in the snow and enjoying all the good food Carl and Sam had. Carl and Sam even tummy slid on the banks of all the snow in the back yard. They sang songs and told stories and laughed all day until it got late and it was time to go home. It as a christmas no one would ever forget.

When Carl and Sam finally sat down to relax, Sma looked at his penguin pal and said, "You knew all about this, didn't you?" Carl just looked up to Sam and said,"Hey, I'm just getting my Christmas wish like I asked. I'm just glad to share it this year with you. Thanks for being a good freind to me, Sam." "You too, Carl", said Sam. They sat next to window and saw all the snow on the ground, while sipping on warm cider.

Meanwhile, a rented motor home was driving away from the city of Savannah, with a snow machine being towed behind it. Inside, a group of Emperor penguins were laughing away and singing "White Christmas" before they headed off to the airport.


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